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Who We Are

Squeez was created to serve as a healthy and delicious escape from the stress of daily life – whether it’s a 30 second pit-stop on your morning rush to work or a space to relax and connect with friends and family. Our specially curated menu has an option for everyone, and we welcome your creativity when it comes to your own custom concoctions. We source local and organic produce and use only the cleanest, premium ingredients for our smoothies. Whether you need to refuel after putting in work at the gym or you want a healthy, guilt-free midday snack – we’ve got you covered.

Our number one goal at Squeez is to create an exceptional experience for you. We focus on quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction.  We strive to make an impact in the community and will always focus on innovative solutions, quality service and delicious smoothies that our customers have grown to expect.

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